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The Tools

The toolbox is split into the seven sections listed below.  As you open each section, you can either read the document freely as an online ISSUU flip book, or you can login to create an account to download the interactive PDFs. These PDFs have hotlinks to science articles, videos of the tools in action, and to our contributors’ websites for additional information. You will see that each tool has icons embedded into it. Have a look at the Icon Key page if you don’t understand what a symbol means. If you would like help deciding which tool to look at first for your personal circumstance, have a look at our simple Decision Guide at the bottom of the page which offers packs of recommended tools depending on your problem, budget and time available. We are still finalising a number of the documents, they will be uploaded to this page as soon as they are ready to share. Thanks for your patience while we work hard to complete this project.

If you would prefer to receive the most up to date book of all the tools compiled as a full 162 page PDF please email us (80Mb) at


See the full list here: Toolbox Reference List